Exhibition to the 85th anniversary of Hienadz’ Buraŭkin

The Museum of the Belarusian Book-Printing introduces an exhibition to celebrate the 85th anniversary of a poet, journalist and public person Hienadz’ Buraŭkin.

The life of this man was bound up closely with Polack. In Polack Hienadz’ Buraŭkin started his writing career. More than once he inscribed poems to this city.

H.Buraŭkin’s lyrics were full of sincerity and heartiness. That was why his poems were set to music and had become popular hit songs. A “Lullaby” by Hienadz’ Buraŭkin is played from the TV screens for the little Belarusians every evening.

It is important to mention Hienadz’ Buraŭkin’s public and state activity as a Chief of State Television and Radio-company of Belarus, Permanent Representative of Belarus to the UN, Head of Francysk Skaryna Belarusian Language Society etc.

The exhibition represents different editions, personal items and photographs from the collection of Polack National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve as well as from the personal collection of H.Buraŭkin’s family.

The exhibition works until November 14, 2021.