Museum Сlasses “Manuscripts. Euphrosyne of Polack”

Museum classes “Manuscripts. Euphrosyne of Polack” were held in the Museum of the Belarusian Book-printing last week. In the classes boys and girls learnt the most ancient Belarusian manuscripts, explore the materials, hand-written books were made of. Children visited a scriptorium and refreshed their knowledge about Euphrosyne of Polack, who was the most famous woman-scribe of the 12th century. Also they tried on the role of an ancient illuminator – a painter, who used to decorate manuscripts, as well as the role of a modern paleographer by trying to read old handwritings. At the end of the lessons our little guests found out that making of a manuscript was an extremely hard and laborious process, that is why the invention of the printing press was one of the greatest achievements of mankind.