Permanent Exhibition

The permanent exhibition of the Museum of Belarusian Book-Printing is a result of a joint effort of many people. Bibliologists, writers, literary scholars, art experts, library and museum researchers from all over the former USSR were engaged into searching and gathering exhibits for the future museum. A. Maldzis, A. Pietraškievič, V. Čamiarycki, L. Uladzimiraŭ, A. Ciechanaviecki, M. Nikalajeŭ, to name a few, made their contribution to the museum’s opening. Rich book collection of A. Matusievič has played a significant role in the formation of the museum collection. The artistic setting of the exhibition was realized by designers S. Dzmitryjeŭ and I. Kuržalaŭ. These days nearly 1400 museum objects are displayed in 15 museum halls.

The 1st museum hall tells about people, who stood at the origins of the Belarusian book creation.

The exhibition in the 2nd hall introduces different writing implements and book forms, as well as ancient manuscripts of Eastern Slavs.

The next hall is dedicated to the history of paper, bookbinding and the variety of the book sizes.

One of the museum sections takes a visitor to the world of the first Belarusian manuscripts, their repertoire, processes of book rewriting and decorating.

Another hall is dedicated to the most famous Polack native, the first Belarusian book-printer Francysk Skaryna.

The reconstruction of a printing shop of the 17th-18th centuries visualizes the process of printing of the first books.

A large museum section offers insight into the development of the Belarusian book-making in the 16th-18th centuries.

Exhibits of the next hall represent the evolution of scientific research on Francysk Skaryna’s life and activity.

Exhibits of the section «An Artist and a Book» tell about book decoration as well as techniques of book illustration.

The next hall presents the variety of printed production as well as the Belarusian publishing of the early 20th century.

Printing machinery of the 20th century stands proudly in one of the museum halls.

The final section of the museum shows the best modern Belarusian editions – the winners of the «Book Art» contest (including children’s books).