Exhibition to the 140th anniversaries of Janka Kupala and Jakub Kolas

Every year the Museum of the Belarusian Book-Printing celebrates the International Mother Language Day with a new exhibition. This time the exhibition is dedicated to the most famous Belarussian authors, “fathers” of Belarusian literature Janka Kupala (1882-1942) and Jakub Kolas (1882-1956). The temporary exposition is meant not so much to remind our visitors of their lives and legacy as to demonstrate different forms of the perpetuation of the memory of these classics of national literature.

There are a lot of different objects on display, such as lifetime editions and reprints of the books, autographs, fiction and non-fiction literature about the ones, pieces of graphic arts, postcards, coins and other items from the funds of PNHCMR. The exhibition is completed with videos of performances of songs with lyrics by J.Kolas and J.Kupala.